Runy’s earliest memories date back to his 4th birthday where a table stacked with plastic figurines of knights in shining armour and dragons was laid out for him under the warm June sunlight of suburbia. There were warriors in red tunics, blue tunics, gold tunics and black tunics. The small horsemen wielded vicious weapons ranging from double-edged swords to spiked flails, passing by battle-axes and sharp spears. The dragons breathed flames and had claws the size of footballs. Runy was so excited to see his new toys, his mind rushed with intricate battle plans and war cries. But before he was allowed to play with his gifts, Runy had to finish his cake, wash his hands and thank his guests for coming. Once all of these chores were done, Runy rushed through his house, down the corridor and out of the backdoor to his garden where the toys were waiting for him. Unfortunately, some older kids from a few gardens down had crept through the hole in Runy’s fence and stolen each and every one of miniature toys. Staring in shock at the bare table, Runy’s eyes re-drew the lines of each of the scaly monsters and brave knights. He could see the pile of presents in his mind’s eye, but in reality they were gone. Forever.

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