Hit Rewind // Royal Flush – Ghetto Millionaire

As a skateboarder, Royal Flush is forever synonymous with Keenan Milton (RIP) and Gino Ianucci in Girl Skateboards’ ‘Mouse’. The combination of immaculate tricks dubbed to the instrumental of Royal Flush’s ‘Worldwide’ with it’s stabbing violin strings is both haunting and mesmerizing.

I’m not sure if Royal Flush is aware that a good percentage of his debut album sales can be linked to this moment in skateboarding videography. As a Hip Hop head, I already knew about Royal Flush from his various features on mixtapes and albums. In 1997, Wu-Tang Clan released ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ and Notorious BIG posthumously released ‘Life After Death’, both multi-platinum selling hit albums. It’s no wonder sales for ‘Ghetto Millionaire’ weren’t as impressive as they should have been. Thankfully, here’s a reminder to hit rewind and listen back to an above-average debut album.

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90’s Hip Hop Golden Nuggets

The mid-Nineties was undoubtably a golden era for rap music with so much amazing sound coming from New York (and elsewhere). Emcees were hungry and and producers were on point to make major musical statements that surpassed time and still sound fresh 20 years later. Here is a small selection of debut albums from artists who shone so bright yet burnt out too fast. Due to their premature careers, this a brief reminder of music you might have missed or forgotten about from that wonderful era.

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