Witness Statement #06: Jahmal Williams

There was no formula other than have fun and try to make something out of nothing. [Hopps] came together really organically and naturally. Kinda like when you force a trick and it doesn’t feel right. No matter how much you force it, something’s just doesn’t click. It’s when you don’t try so hard or when you allow it to be spontaneous it feels natural. That’s how a lot of this has happened. Jahmal Williams speaks to Josh Stewart at Theories of Atlantis. Continue reading Witness Statement #06: Jahmal Williams

Witness Statement #01: Josh Stewart

I do think that people filming with dollies, 15 pound cameras, steadicams, and high-speed cameras pushes skating into a realm that I personally think disconnects it from it’s roots and the reasons why it has attracted so many of us since we were kids. I just don’t think that art is created under such planned, organized and choreographed environments. That’s how sports happen. I think we need to be careful and mind the difference. Josh Stewart via Jenkem Mag Continue reading Witness Statement #01: Josh Stewart