Writing a book – What’s it really like?

Almost one year ago I self-published my first novel, Misspelt Yoof, a coming of age story about a teenager who finds himself struggling to navigate bad influences and situations in the wake of his older brother’s untimely death. My first book started off as blog entries spanning back almost ten years. When I saw what I had written over time, I realised that I could have a full blown novel on my hands. For almost two years, I wrote the second half of the story, working hard to fill in the blanks, build connections and just learn how to write … Continue reading Writing a book – What’s it really like?

It was all a dream

This morning I woke from a very vivid dream. Normally when I remember such dreams I try and find the hidden meanings behind the images and metaphors. I haven’t really come to a conclusion about last night’s episode. I can only imagine that I was inspired by things I’d seen on the television recently: episodes of Freaks and Geeks and footage of the rescue effort in Taiwan trying to find survivors in the collapsed buildings from last week’s earthquake. My dream played out like a short film in my head, so this morning I tried to write it down as I experienced it – thankfully in my sleep and not real life.

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