Future Nature

The skateboard video market has gone through an incredible bout of turbulence in recent years with the advent of filesharing sites, YouTube and other online media outlets. Skateshops have shelves stacked with plastic cases gathering dust and filmers have to moonlight regular jobs in a bid to pay the bills. This year will the first year companies have managed to take the reigns again and use the internet to their advantage. Pay-per-view releases, iTunes downloads and other exclusivities seem to be the format of choice for todays videographers and industry moguls. I like to review products because I believe the reader/consumer needs an independent perspective of whatever they are being spoon fed. Back in the heyday of DVD releases, I could review anywhere from 5 to 15 hardcopies a month. Today the internet streams more than 50 webclips a day (for free!) so reviews have become redundant and points of view jaded. So, when Element Skateboards released their latest video Future Nature on iTunes and I figured anything sold for a fee deserves criticism or acclaim so I wrote a review for my friends over at Crossfire.

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