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90’s Hip Hop Golden Nuggets

The mid-Nineties was undoubtably a golden era for rap music with so much amazing sound coming from New York (and elsewhere). Emcees were hungry and and producers were on point to make major musical statements that surpassed time and still sound fresh 20 years later. Here is a small selection of debut albums from artists […]


When you’re down the only way is up

My primary attraction to rap music is the clever wordplay the emcees use to describe situations, emotions tell stories. Unfortunately I find a lot of today’s rappers really lack in this discipline. I can’t recommend enough a rapper named KA from Brownsville, Brooklyn. A lot older than his peers, KA had anything but a good […]


NY Connection Perfection

Whilst clearing out my cellar the other day, I came across a shoe box full of old mixtapes I used to listen to religiously as a teenager. The contents dated back to a time I truly consider a “golden era” for rap music when creativity and energy levels were at a peak. Tapes date from […]