Misspelt Yoof

212 Pages printed on 80g recycled paper
300g Ivory cover
Price: 15 EUR
Contact: info@firstnameralph.com

About the book

Misspelt Yoof is a coming-of-age novel featuring a teenager whose life seems to be spiralling out of control not long after the untimely death of his older brother. The main protagonist gets himself caught up in a dangerous web of violence, drug abuse, infidelity and academic failure. With little to no guidance, his ship is heading for the rocks. Even if expressing how he feels through lyrics and rhyme helps, it’s a chance encounter with an old hobby that looks like it could help him steer clear of the trouble ahead.

Ralph Lloyd-Davis, author

“Misspelt Yoof takes us to a world seen through the eyes of Max.
Max remedies unreliable friendships, criminal associations, absent fathers and uncompromising teachers by finding solace in graffiti, skateboarding and freestyling.
Max’s frustrations are clear but in a twist on the standard coming-of-age novel Misspelt Yoof takes the reader on a journey into the dark arts of the city and the hostility, hi-jinx and smut to be found within.
The author’s experience and detailed insights into ‘graffiti, drugs, violence, sex and skateboarding’ (as the blurb succinctly summarizes) are entertaining, shocking and humorous in equal measures and keep the excitement level high.
Like Holden Caulfield with a spray can this is an enjoyable modern take on a classic story.”

Matthew Smith