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Guilty Pleasure – Moses Itkonen in The Reason

Everybody has a favourite video part. More often then not everyone shares the same favourite video parts. Mark Gonzales in Video Days, Gino Ianucci in Trilogy, Guy Mariano in Mouse, John Cardiel in Sight Unseen… The list is fairly exhaustive and predictable. However, there are video parts that people wouldn’t dare admit to taking pleasure […]

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Hit Rewind // OC – Jewelz

Inspired by a recent survey from the boys over at Take It Personal Radio (podcast), I figured I should finally get around to publishing this article I began all the way back in 2016 – January 8th at 10:15AM to be precise according to this draft history. While Take it Personal asked listeners which of […]


How long will this go on?

I think wrote the first half of these lyrics directly after the Brussels terrorist attacks in 2016 when suicide bombers killed and injured many innocent people at Zaventem airport and in the metro. It might have been after the Paris attacks, or London or just about anywhere within the last 10 years… Basically the world […]