Video Part #125

Pontus Alv – Strongest of the strange (2005)

Pontus Alv – Strongest of the strange (2005)


The significance of Pontus Alv within skateboarding is huge and his greatest contribution was his debut as an independent skateboard cinematographer with Strongest Of The Strange released in 2005. In just under an hour, Pontus had delivered some very inspiring skateboarding, a new drive for DIY spots, a unparalleled focus on the Scandinavian and European skate scene, a boost in Joy Division sales and a rare glimpse of what it means to make your own way through sponsored skateboarding.

Pontus can be outspoken and brash however is he is also passionate and emotional and that shows more than ever in Strongest of the Strange where he dedicates his efforts to he recently passed father. As a skateboarder you are doing yourself a disservice if you ahven’t watched this video before.

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