Video Part #117

Love Eneroth – Antiz Antizipated (2003)

Love Eneroth – Antiz Antizipated (2003)

Soft spoken nordic warrior.

With Cliché acting as flagship for European skateboarding, it was only a (short) matter of time before more teams packed with foreign board masters started to appear on the horizon. In 2003, Antiz Skateboards made their cinematic debut with Antizipated, a full length video that hit hard with a unionised band of brothers ready to wage war on spots. I had never heard of Love Eneroth before this video dropped but I was a fan right away.

Most of the Antiz family shared a flat in the center of Lyon. In amongst the carnage of ten skaters sharing a single bathroom and small kitchen was a soft spoken Swede who could get busy on gaps, transitions and ledges and also had a good manual. Love was a smooth all terrain vehicle that wooed the crowds across the old continent.

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