Video Part #116

Damian Bravo – Real Skateboards Real To Reel (2001)

Damian Bravo – Real Skateboards Real To Reel (2001)

Flash in the pan.

Real Skateboards has had a stacked team since its inception. Somehow Tommy, Jim and Mic-E know how to spot talent and the Real amateurs are nearly always certified gold. Damian Bravo was no exception however his career just didn’t pan out as anyone could have expected. Injuries can be a bitch.

Hailing from Canada, Damian has that solid footed swagger that’s synonymous with those who ride down from North of the border. Damian’s nollie flip over a skatepark hip levitates so high to be caught firmly with both feet as if magnets were involved. The gap out to frontside crooked has no fear as does Damian’s liberal use of the heelflip during an era dominated by the standard kickflip. It’s mainly the obvious power Damian possessed in his skating that must be most sorely missed.

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