Video Part #102

Chris Senn – Powell Hot Batch (1992)

Chris Senn – Powell Hot Batch (1992)

Making the best of a bad situation.

Skaters who were pro or turned pro during the Goofy Boy period (1992-93) had tough skin and patience. Chris Senn was one such skateboarder. Best known for bombing hills so fast the camera man couldn’t keep up (cf Toy Machine Jump Off A Building) and not shooting any photos for his Thrasher Skate Of The Year cover, Chris is a lone wolf of skateboarding that you just have to respect.

My earliest memories of Chris’s skating was handing in a school report on one of the last Powell Skate Zone street contests that Chris won. Hands down. The teacher couldn’t make head or tail of the trick names I included but I didn’t care. It must have been 1992 and tricks were pretty obnoxious back then. Chris filmed his pro debut during this era and I have to say that in as much as I hated the pressure flip craze, if I had to relive that nightmare, I’d do it in Chris’s shoes.

There are pressure flips a plenty but there are also a couple of gems like the nosebluntslide up the wedge ledge or the frontside boardslide 270 out off it. Powell demo days as the industry slumped were a different kind of set up.

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