Video Part #101

Dani Lebron – Titus Skateboards (2022)

Dani Lebron – Titus Skateboards (2022)

46 years of age.

Dani Lebron’s Titus part dropped last week and I’m still going to list it here as a video part that needs to be celebrated. Dani has been skating in front of the camera for over three decades and the quality is still top knotch. There are so many things about this video part that need mentioning but the first has to be Dani’s age. At 46 years old to be delivering innovative and flawless street tech is something none of his peers the same age – bar Guy Mariano – can do.

Now for the details. First of all the lo-fi lovers beat matches Dani’s suave switch skills and center of gravity perfectly. Dani isn’t just fakie heelflipping straight out of a fakie crooked grind. He’s also got reliable pop to leap over a considerably big pair of granite blocks via ollie and kickflip. Then there are the outfits. The blue shirt, blue jeans blue Dunks suit is casual yet considered. Yes, Dani rides for Nike, but when he does rep the logos they are never outlandish and in your face. He looks good.

Which leads on to my final tidbit about this part. Dani’s line at Macba obviously has all the skaters’ attention but also the public as a lady films his switch crook to fakie manual off the main stage to end a four trick line. She’s sitting outside the Barcelona museum for contemporary art and she makes sure to get the real artist at hand on film.

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