Video Part #100

Daewon Song – Spitfire Enter the Daewon (2012)

Daewon Song – Spitfire Enter the Daewon (2012)

Big Boss.

Daewon Song is at one with his board. The way in which he manages to move in symbiosis with his skateboard is unnerving. Sometimes it seems a board, two trucks and four wheels is too much or not enough for him to deliver trick after trick after trick. Enter the Daewon is pure unadulterred skill, creativity and technical savagery.

Daewon also skates fast. Very fast. And it is true he doesn’t use bushings on his trucks. Nobody can replicate the combos and sharp agility he has to skate transition, manuals and rocks. Yes, Daewon can literally skate anything.

There are loads of Daewon Song skate parts out there, even a Transworld documentary, but this Spitfire part is another example of great skating coming and going too fast. Take the time to appreciate the magic.

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