Video Part #096

Yoshi Obayashi – 35th North 2006 Promo (2006)

Yoshi Obayashi – 35th North 2006 Promo (2006)

Nobody doing his tricks.

I remember when the A-Team launched and they had this great idea to feature a trick for each rider in an ad campaign challenging anyone to try and replicate what they had done. Out of the 4 tricks 3 were reproduced and some of the doppelgangers went on to great things (Chris Cole). What about the 4th trick set by Gershon Mosely over a pyramid?

From personal experience I had bever seen the trick done before. To describe it would be to imagine floating a no handed pogo over a funbox. Yeah. Doesn’t make sense, right? Well, after investigation, the trick had a name and an originator. The Yoshi air by Yoshi Obayashi. I had never heard of Yoshi and it wasn’t until two decades later that YouTube revealed this hidden part of the aerial ninja.

Enjoy as Yoshi does his patented tricks, adds a flip into the mix, rides vertical walls off drops years before it became a thing, and spins a one-footed 900 pirouette atop a tall slab. If the camera hadn’t caught half of Yoshi’s tricks I probably wouldn’t believe they ever happened.

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