Video Part #091

Lucien Clarke – Palace Lucien Menace (2011)

Lucien Clarke – Palace Lucien Menace (2011)

Nollie flip Boss.

Palace released this Lucien Clarke Menace part over a decade ago, back when Palace was starting to grow exponentially and establish themselves as the UK’s premier skate brand. In typical Palace fashion, Lev Tanju paid homage to one of the most influential parts of the mid Nineties, the Menace debut from 20 Shot Sequence.

As the mock beatdown ends, Lucien rides onto the screen with a quick ollie up and nollie flip into the big banks at Southbank. I used to skate with Lucien back in the day, specifically when he was a hungry amateur quickly catching the attention of various sponsors. I remember very clearly the day we went to a massive set of stairs (11 I think?) deep in the City of London. Lucien backside nollied the set really fast. Hyped off his fast skills, Lucien laid claim to a nollie flip that those in attendance balked at. In no less than three tries, Lucien had nollie flipped the stairs but slid out. We all knew that things were never going to be the same again and we were all witnessing greatness.

The backside nollie is in Ian Passmore’s Hello Coco video.

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