Video Part #089

Harry – Unabomber Unapromo (1998)

Harry – Unabomber Unapromo (1998)

Watch out for chips.

Harry is a big fella. Six foot plus, stocky build, heavy geordie accent that people called Bastard. He’s also a really kind and down to earth bloke. He burst onto the UK skate scene both physically and mentally as he manhandled spots that weren’t spots to a lot of people because of their size. His part in the Unapromo is a perfect example of the simple yet effective skating he possessed.

The power Harry possesses makes me believe a lot of the ledges he skates aren’t even waxed and the walls he leaps over have only ever been lent against never surpassed. Of course being such a big boy, Harry takes a few big slams but somehow he keeps going. Having been a nomad that travelled constantly during his time as a professional skateboarder, Harry’s style has a certain loose and spontaneous quality to it that can’t really be imitated.

I was lucky enough to see Harry skate in person on a few occasions and I can guarantee that you didn’t want to get in his way when he started charging. the only thing that would stop him was a freak accident when the skate gods decided he needed to calm down and let the others pass. Slipping out to fall 5 feet to his back of getting a brick splinter in his eye would do the trick.

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