Video Part #088

Christian Zemp – Safari Clothing Ten Years Safari (2014)

Christian Zemp – Safari Clothing Ten Years Safari (2014)

Swiss tech to a T.

Christian Zemp first hit my radar during the early 2000s when he started popping up in issues of Puzzle, the European video magazine. Technically Switzerland isn’t in Europe however skateboarding doesn’t have borders so you know what’s up. If you weren’t in Europe during that time though, then you probably missed the tech skills of Mr. Zemp altogether.

Christian’s next and more notable appearance was with local clothing brand Safari’s Malaria video. Christian got last part which means something in a crew full of tekkers. Then I lost sight of him again. I was going to post up his Malaria part, but I reserve that right for Guy Kampfen instead. So what of Christian..?

Researching his parts I came across the celebratory Ten Years Safari part and frankly it’s top knotch tech from a man who has grown in age yet maintained the youthful flick and control of his board. Christian rocks a lot of Crail Camp gear in this part which had me comparing the quality of the tricks to those done by actual Crail Camp rider, Jesus Fernandez, in Pretty Sweet or Fully Flared. It also made me think he must be tight with the Safari squad considering it’s a part for their brand and I didn’t spot a Safari logo in any of it. I’m probably wrong though.

Just sit back and enjoy the timeless tech skills of the Swissman.

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