Video Part #087

Shawn Powers – Flipmode Caviar (2010)

Shawn Powers – Flipmode Caviar (2010)

Local spot King.

Before everyone caught a glimpse of the Shawn Powers hype train when the Bronze 56K Rare video dropped (and Palace picked him up thereafter), Shawn had an even rarer part in the pre-Bronze skate crew Flipmode’s Caviar. Shawn is sans fist tats and artistic aspirations. He’s just a skate rat killing it in his local streets.

Shawn is the master of the non-spot. The spots you skate as a kid because you don’t dare adventure across a massive metropolis to skate the main spot. Today these spots are sought out by everyone looking for something original to skate, but Shawn’s been repping the crusty walls and splinter fest benches for days. In fact his mastery of tricks over benches stems from this fascination.

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