Video Part #085

Danny Falla – 5Boro New York New York (2005)

Danny Falla – 5Boro New York New York (2005)

Real money out here!

When Zoo York lost it’s aura and floated into the mass consumerism aisles of middle America, one company kept rooted to represent New York and its five boroughs. That company was 5Boro and their New York New York video was a short but powerful statement that featured the stacked team but mainly the two new riders Willy Akers and Danny Falla.

I always get a kick out of the homie flashing big cash at the start of Danny’s part. It just seems like such a legitimate yet ridiculous thing to do. As for the skating, Danny doesn’t disappoint. His style is clean, efficient and not exaggerated. The fakie heelflip fakie nose manual down the ledge at Flushing, Queens, and the long kickflip backside 5-0 with no tail touch are special treats you don’t see often. Even the Gorillas track works which is surprising because such a popular song could have easily ruined things.

To quote our friend with the $5000 Rolex at the beginning “This is how we do it in New York!”

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