Video Part #083

Grant Patterson – Blind What If (2005)

Grant Patterson – Blind What If (2005)

Size doesn’t matter.

If you were skating in 2005 and saw Grant Patterson, I guarantee the first thing that caught your attention was his massive t-shirts. Canada was first mocked for it’s exagerated fashion sense with the Canadian Tuxedo, basically wearing a jean jacket as a formal jacket. But later in skateboarding Canada had the ghetto gown. A triple XL t-shirt worn by thugged out white boys like Grant Patterson and Wade Desarmo. It was pretty ridiculous so thankfully didn’t get quite the same traction as the tuxedo. However, Grant ran with it regardless.

Grant was also a master of the nollie flip. He could pop them over gaps, into rails and translate them into technical variations notable the late front foot version. His frontside 360 nollie laste front foot flip over that one crusty LA hip is a mouthful to say the least. Grant was unapologetic about his use of the nollie flip, even beaming at the camera man as he landed one down some stairs to start a line then huck a frontside nollie late front foot flip down a three block.

All that said, Grant also floats a beautiful frontside ollie on a concrete quarterpipe which seems totally uncharacteristic for him yet the nonchalance and excess material compliments each other perfectly.

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