Video Part #079

Ronnie Bertino – Plan B Second Hand Smoke (1994)

Ronnie Bertino – Plan B Second Hand Smoke (1994)

Switch backside lipslide a handrail in 1994.

Personally, I believe Ronnie Bertino was on the same level as Guy Mariano and Henry Sanchez with his avant garde talent. The guy switch backside lipslid a handrail in 1994 when most people were getting to grips with feebles and smith grinds.

You might have also noted that a lot of the parts I post up on Sunday mornings are fairly relaxed affairs. Ronnie weaving a line through an Oceanside schoolyard to the sounds of Casual singing Me-Oh-My is just one of those combinations that hits the right chord of nonchalance and brilliance.

Ronnie’s Second Hand Smoke part is barely two minutes long and accentuated the fact that he was never an over achiever even though everything he did looked good and was way ahead of his time.

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