Video Part #077

Rob Pluhowski – Element World Tour (2000)

Rob Pluhowski – Element World Tour (2000)

Short but sweet.

Skateboarding got short changed for Rob Pluhowski footage. I know the guy has his reasons for stepping away from a pro career but his nollie flips are sorely missed. Vita Shoes would probably still be flying of the shelves if Rob had busted out a few more varial heelflips.

Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers. Instead we celebrate this East coast killer with the few short parts he produced in a limited time frame. His World Tour part always gets me hyped as this was also his formal introduction as a talented amateur destined to turn pro.

Hitting up all the legendary street plazas from Embarcadero to Pulaski Park, Rob leaves his mark. His opening line at Love Park is a treat and testimony of a proper three-piece trajectory through hallowed ground. Back to back full length backside tailslide and nosegrind finished off with a fast 360 flip on flat. Flawless.

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