Video Part #075

Dustin Dollin – Baker Baker 2G (2000)

Dustin Dollin – Baker Baker 2G (2000)

Riding under the ladder every time.

My earliest memories of Dustin Dollin were as little amateur for Stereo Skateboards with an insane flick and catch and the demeanour of the cartoon Tasmanian Devil. I’m pretty sure all of Dustin’s footage and video parts qualify for mandatory viewing but his five minutes of fame in the legendary Baker 2G video are what cemented him as a reckless ruler.

Jack Black sings ‘Where is my mind?’ and everyone wonders the exact same thing as Dustin goes all in on some steep drops and rails. Dustin is the forefather of the next generation of Australian kids flipping their boards into pinches on waist high rails and riding the rollercoaster of kinked rails. His flick and catch is still proper and his care free motivation doesn’t falter.

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