DJ Q 1xtra UK G Mix Show & DJ Cameo feat. True Tiger 2004

DJ Q 1xtra UK G Mix Show featuring the True Tiger crew.

See below for full tracklisting.



Doctor, Purple, L Dot Man & Bear Man – Let it go
Bruza – Do’in me
Nicks S & Nyke – Saveloy
Shyam, Wiley, Purple & B-Live – Money can’t buy
Wiley & Virus Syndicate – WD25
Lady Sovreign, Skepta, JME, Baby Blue, Mis Beatz, Ears & Jamma – Adidas Hoodie Remix
Kano – Nobody don’t dance no more
Nasty Jack & Casanove – Ragga Grime?
Shade 1 & Vader – Race against time
Bruza, S Kid, Tinie Tempah & D Dark – Do’in me remix
Riko Dan, Scratchy & Flowdan – Real?
Scandalous Unlimited, Carly Bond & Purple – My life
Virus Syndicate – Taxman
Skepta – ???
Carly Bond, Ripper, Hitman Tigger, Doctor, Plan B, Riddles, Doom-Man, Faction G, TKO Punisha – Polarised Nation

DJ Cameo

Plastic Man – Still Tippin remix
Purple – Blowin up
Bear Man – DJ Cameo Dub plate special
Ripper, J2K & Purple – Thinking of you
Virus Syndicate – majorlist MCs
Ripper, Hitman Tigger & Mighty Moe – Change clothes

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