Video Part #074

Chris Joslin – Plan B True (2014)

Chris Joslin – Plan B True (2014)

Hiding in Pat Duffy’s shadow.

Plan B really have the knack of finding that single amateur no-one had really heard of that is ready to blast the doors off whatever the limits are for the physical body on a skateboard are. Chris Joslin was that amateur, tackling gaps each one bigger than the next. Really, Chris grabbed everyone’s attention when he premiered in Plan B’s promo video True.

Just like Pat Duffy before, Chris opens his debut taking a tumble on a spot no-one else is stepping to. Of course they then land whatever tricks they were trying but it sent the clear signal to everyone else that level was being raised. Again.

Granted, stunt skating isn’t for everyone but it sure makes for exciting viewing. Chris is one of those rare skateboarders that scares his peers with his positive mental attitude to overcome what shouldn’t be possible on a board. It didn’t always come easy for him though. He paid the piper on more than one occasion but that hasn’t stopped him.

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