Video Part #071

Carlos Ribeiro – Primitive All For You (2019)

Carlos Ribeiro – Primitive All For You (2019)

Dedicated to Luis Carlos “Carlao” Ribeiro Da Silva. Rest in peace.

When a skateboarder dedicates a full length part to their recently passed parent, you know that they have turned that grief into positive energy and motivation to push themselves further than before. Carlos Ribeiro did exactly that when he dropped this stand alone All For You part in 2019.

Carlos was already on a tear, recently nominated for Skater of the year and pushing the envelope of technical consistency. Over the last few years, Carlos has taken his skill set and diversified it to join the exclusive club of tech gnar rail skaters. Switch backside tailslides on lengthy hubbas don’t scare this soft spoken Brazilian. Neither do switch backside nosebluntslides on sketchy outledges.

Even with big tricks in his bag, Carlos’ bread and butter is technical skating with the innovative mind to navigate a backside nollie fakie nosegrind over and out of a planter to forward. Watch as he catches a stratospheric switch flip over a rail-wall in china and steers the board down to the landing like a skilled pilot with thousands of air miles.

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