Video Part #069

Chany Jeanguenin – Rhythm Genesis (1997)

Chany Jeanguenin – Rhythm Genesis (1997)

Chany Jeanguenin pronounced Sha-Nee Jun-Guh-Nan.

Chany Jeanguenin’s last part in Rhythm’s debut video Genesis is usually remembered for all the wrong reasons. The decision to use a long list of club tracks for a skate video meant everyone saw Genesis at least once and most vowed never to watch it again. The way in which Ty Evans and Jose Gomez edited Genesis was too far ahead for its time. Just like Chany’s skating.

The minimal arm movement is the tell tale sign of a good looking skater. Dubbed as a Swiss technician, Chany actually has a lot of power in his skating. Obviously the opening ender grinding through five kinks is a standout, but so is the straight nollie backside nosegrind atop a full size picnic table or the switch frontside heelflip over a full size fire hydrant. Chany also nollie heelflips that one elongated set of stairs in southern California with the dodgy kinked rail on the side that everyone and their mother was trying to claim a trick on in 1997.

My only suggestion is to watch this part with the sound off.

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