Video Part #067

Zered Bassett – RB Umali Vicious Cycle (2005)

Zered Bassett – RB Umali Vicious Cycle (2005)

This is how you introduce yourself.

RB Umali’s Vicious Cycle has a host of East Coast skaters featured but only one of them gets mentioned again and again. Zered Bassett blew the doors off with an 8 minute part of nothing but heavy hitting tricks. This sort of a debut was rare. Opening your part by putting down over 10 tricks on a big rail is even rarer. Zered caught everyone’s attention fast. It was just a damn shame the video was so hard to find.

The organs of the Spencer Davis group singing Gimme Some Lovin are like a call to congregation at church. All praise due to the young Cape Cod amateur. Because yes, Zered was only an amateur when Viciouys Cycle dropped. That didn’t last long. Then it’s Jay Z’s Streets Is Watching that serenades Zered’s switch skills – a master of the mic voicing the attention due to a master of the board.

Did I mention Zered’s switch skills? I did briefly but they need highlighting again because Zered has you guessing more than once if the crazy trick he just did off a gap, on a ledge or rail was regular or switch? Zered is regular footed. Now with that in mind, watch his Vicious Cycle part again.

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