Video Part #063

Korahn Gayle – Blips Cover Version (2019)

Korahn Gayle – Blips Cover Version (2019) 17m15s

“When you make that move, you make it. Word up.”

I couldn’t find Korahn Gayle’s stand alone part on the internet but I did find the entire Blips Cover Version video thanks to Free Skate Mag. I highly recommend watching the entire independent video by Dan Magee and Kevin Parrott otherwise skip to 17m15s for the goodness.

The voice of Lianne La Havas singing Forget is a great choice of music that provides the energy and gravitas to Korahn’s undeniable talent. Raised on the streets of Bristol and well travelled through the UK and Europe, Korahn has never really invaded Stateside but his name carries weight overseas. The Bunt Boys in Canada reference him as one of the best and their opinion counts.

Korahn’s stature as he blasts switch hardflips and backside tailslides is reminiscent of a certain black skater from the Nineties who provided the blueprint for swagger. Yeah, Korahn is the new Kareem.

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