Video Part #062

Ceasar Singh – Planet Earth Silver (1996)

Ceasar Singh – Planet Earth Silver (1996)

The prototype of Eric Koston.

Ceasar Singh has one of the best names in skateboarding. It’s a shame he’s a self-proclaimed social recluse because he had the ability to ride with the best of them. Ceasar’s style on a board is very similar to Eric Koston. I’m saying that twice because Eric became a superstar and Ceasar disappeared to become a gambler.

Another set back for Ceasar was his part in Planet Earth’s Silver came out the same year as Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure 3, Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell, World Industries’ Trilogy and a stack of other major video releases. 1996 was a heavy year for skate videos and Ceasar has his place at the table even if few people noticed.

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