Video Part #058

Rick Howard & Mike Carroll – FTC Penal Code 100A (1996)

Rick Howard & Mike Carroll – FTC Penal Code 100A (1996)

This is the Mouse part we didn’t get.

Rick Howard and Mike Carroll are power players of skateboarding. Together they have featured in more than a dozen major skate videos, each time pushing the envelope and redefining what it is to street skate. Their shared part in FTC’s Penal Code 100A is the best example of beautiful skating and relaxed vibes.

Rick Howard’s opening line that takes us on a journey down to the Venice Beach sand gaps and ledges is epic. Mike Carroll’s lines through a San Francisco schoolyard is timeless. Coolio and Casual rapping about Drama with its flute sample is the perfect antidote to stress.

Aaron Meza filmed and released FTC’s Penal Code 100A inbetween two Chocolate and Girl video projects, Las Nueve Vidas de Paco and Mouse respectively. Rick and Mike were peaking but seeing as their shared part was for a shop video, you could tell the mood wasn’t under the same pressure as a board brand release. This adds to the genuine vibes and being witness to what real talent looks like on a skateboard. Have a great Sunday everyone.

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