Video Part #057

Fabio Cristiano & Rodrigo Texiera – Duotone Dois Tons e Dois Skatistas (2008)

Fabio Cristiano & Rodrigo Texiera – Duotone Dois Tons e Dois Skatistas (2008)

Fakie 360 flip frontside noseslide to fakie anyone? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Brazilian skateboatrders have been threatening their North American cousins for decades. Ever since the great Euro contest invasions of the mid-Nineties up until Tiago Lemos making multiple runs at SOTY, the boys from down South don’t front. Rodrigo Teixeira slipped in through the backdoor of Soletech and Fabiano Cristiano made the crossover via Chris Hall’s independent video Get Familiar. Even with these breakthroughs, the streets weren’t paved with gold for either of them. Well, Rodrigo might be the exception but he left the States a while ago and drops footage once every full moon from either Brazil or Europe depending on where he’s travelling.

This shared part was the ender for a concept video Duotone out of Brazil that paired skaters together to go trick for trick on spots. The Rodrigo-Fabio combination hits the hardest. What’s better: Rodrigo doing a nollie varial flip manual frontside revert or Fabio fully on top of a backside nosegrind down a handrail? Don’t let the strange Mobb Deep sampler mix distract you.

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