Video Part #056

Hjalte Hjalberg & Bobby Worrest – Nike SB Looks Ok to me (2020)

Hjalte Hjalberg & Bobby Worrest – Nike SB Looks Ok to me (2020)

The Trans-Atlantic High-5 heard around the world.

There’s something special when two certified street skating masters join forces to crush their respective local spots and other notobale locations either side of the Atlantic. Bobby Worrest of Washington DC and Hjalte Hjalberg of Copenhagen Denmark took it into their hands to reclaim the streets in just under 10 minutes of prime footage.

The part starts in Paris, France, then travels to Barcelona, Spain, before heading to New York and ending in Washington DC. It’s in Bobby’s hometown and more importantly his roaming grounds of Pulaski Park that things really kick into high gear. The infamous sounds of Talking Heads Once in a lifetime pick up the pace and remind everyone of Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure 3 Underachievers and fellow DC local Reese Forbes cementing his legend statuts and legendary pop.

The triple ollie over the wall with Reese taking the lead is why parts like this are important. Paying respect where respect is due.

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