Video Part #055

Duane Pitre, Rob Dyrdek & Steve Claar – G&S Footage (1990)

Duane Pitre, Rob Dyrdek & Steve Claar – G&S Footage (1990)

Two’s company. Three’s a party.

This 5 minute opening part for G&S Footage is the precursor of the arrival of the Sovereign Sect, Alien Workshop, and Memory Screen less than a year later. The creative imagination of Neil Blender, Mike Hill and Chris Carter combined painted something so different from everything else in the G&S video. It came as no surprise that Duane Pitre, Rob Dyrdek and Steve Claar would be integral to the Workshop’s debut line up.

And Dinosaur Junior. The folk lyrics and riffs of The Wagon provide a sonic soundscape that compliments the imminent departure of three G&S riders to new horizons. The way the words match the scenes on the screen of a man with his dog, a wagon rolling past and the proposition of “Why don’t we?” is editing that surpasses just about everything until that point. If this song choice wasn’t an obvious statement that things were about to change, I don’t know what is.

There’s a way I feel right now
Wish you’d help me, don’t know how
We’re all nuts so who helps who
Some help when no one’s got a clue
Baby, why don’t we?
Baby, why don’t we?
There’s a place I’d like to go
When you get there then I’ll know
There’s a place I know you’ve been
Here’s a wagon, get on it

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