Video Part #052

Alex Carolino & Florentin Marfaing – 411VM 13.3 (2005)

Alex Carolino & Florentin Marfaing – 411VM 13.3 (2005)

When Europe and Brazil came together to defeat America.

I’m not even going to open this week of tag team video parts with a healthy introduction explaining my reasons. I’m just going to cut straight to the chase. Alex Carolina performs one of the best lines ever filmed at Pier 7 hands down: Waist high nollie pop shove-it backside revert / Another waist high switch pop shove-it / Switch backside flip the manual pad-block. Fuck me!

Stevie Williams was flossing some awesome switch pop shove-it revert variations when he joined Chocolate and dropped a last part (not including Danny Way) for The DC Video. Everyone remembered his styled out catch and turn. Relegated to one of the last desperate issues of 411 Video Magazine, Alex Carolino was levitating his tricks way higher than your average street technician and he had some of the hardest manuals on lock too. Again at Pier 7, the frontside nollie heelflip fakie manual frontside halfcab flip out is so difficult, the permanent electrical box has to stop Alex before he continues with something else incredible.

As for Florentin Marfaing, well he has the crazy tech skills but he also has gnar boots. 360 flip noseflip / Nollie flip in / Kickflip noseslide to frontside tailslide the massive hubbas at Le Dome in Paris… Take your pick. Florentin’s opening trick is a huge switch 360 flip on a large three block elsewhere in France. To answer a question recently posted on the infamous Slap forum of who could switch 360 flip Wallenberg? I’d like to put Florentin Marfaing in the five panel hat. It’s just unbelievable to thing that such a powerful part should get published in a video format that was already on borrowed time.

One short paragraph to remember that pristine manual pad – ledge spot in France that Alex and Florentin annihilate with manuals. These two shut that spot down. Don’t go there.

Rob Dyrdek tried to shine light on this power duo by constructing a brand new Sovreign Sect team, Seek, around them with fellow street legend Josh Kalis and himself but America denied it. Alex and Florentin were the proof in the pudding that California was no longer the breeding ground for talent and that Europe and Brazil had it’s own talent and spots to raise them.

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