Video Part #051

Willow – Anzeigeberlin Panorama (2004)

Willow – Anzeigeberlin Panorama (2004)

A backside nollie shifty never looked so good.

In 2005 I went to Berlin because of the Panorama video and more specifically because of Willow. The way this PJ Ladd looking wonderkid floated over the stairs and walls at Kulturforum made me want to visit the plaza so badly. The German capital had a wealth of spots to skate even if vortually every single one had an annoying row of cobble blocks either just before the takeoff or after the landing.

None of that stopped Willow who revealed himself as a Euro member of the new wave of rookies leading the way for progressive skateboarding after the turn of the new Millenium. After releasing his Panorama part, Willow was on the world radar and had American sponsors asking him to sign dotted lines. The great thing about his Panorama part is that it caught Willow’s teen innocence before the responsibility of international fame took hold. Blasting humongous frontside nollies down sets of steps and leaping cat-like onto long rails all seemed like a lot of fun for this young chap. Almost 20 years later, most of Willows tricks are still relevant by today’s extreme standards.

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