Video Part #049

Tim Jackson – Speed Wheels Risk It (1990)

Tim Jackson – Speed Wheels Risk It (1990)


My introduction to Tim Jackson’s skating came via Consolidated videos during the mid to late Nineties. A versatile skater that hit all kinds of terrain with good style but never stood out as an overachiever with a ton of media coverage.

Fast forward to the present day and I get a nice reminder from skate videographer and archivist, Tony Roberts, who posted up the raw clips of his day spent with Tim Jackson, Aaron Murray, Butch Sterbins and Kelly Jackson filming for Speed Wheels Risk It video in 1990.

I had only been skating a couple of years in 1990 so skate videos were still a rare thing for me to watch and enjoy. I am pretty certain though that Risk It was playing in the skateshop while I was ogling at the product on the walls. Tim is one of many skaters featured however Tim really stands out because of his unique approach to street skating akin to surfing the waves of Venice Beach where most of the footage is shot.

Watch as Tim carves close to a wall like the barrel of a wave then props himself atop the same wall and layback slides back and forth as if he were on a ramp. Tim finds transition where there is none. The backside ollie Tim blasts out of the slightest bump into a slappy curb is testament to his skill.

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