Video Part #045

Tyler Bledsoe – Huf 003 HUF (2019)

Tyler Bledsoe – Huf 003 (2019)

The silent assassin.

When Tyler Bledsoe first started appearing in the media spotlight he looked like an unassuming naive little kid with glasses, a beanie on his head and a friendly smile. Tyler started to stack up good sponsors with Etnies, Fourstar and Alien Workshop supporting his tech-gnar skateboarding. It soon became apparent that Tyler was not your average flash-in-the-pan hopeful skating in the right place at the right time. His ability to flip in and out of tricks and ride out of big drops smoothly meant that he was to become a permanent fixture of the new wave of amateurs overshadowing the pros.

Another obvious characteristic to Tyler Bledsoe was his shy demeanour. Tyler didn’t seek out attention. His skating did that. Soft spoken, if speaking at all, Tyler is a silent assassin that you won’t hear from for a while and then he’ll re-appear and slaughter spots. Located away from the hubbub of California, Tyler refines his skills further North in Oregon away from curious eyes.

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