Video Part #036

Scott Conklin – Alien Workshop Memory Screen (1990)

Scott Conklin – Alien Workshop Memory Screen (1990)

It will!

The driving guitar of the Painteens on their single It Will gives a certain power and energy to a video part that lasts over four minutes but only has a dozen or so tricks. The trick count doesn’t matter because the music and the skating are infused with adrenaline. Scott Conklin is a beast.

Alien Workshop’s Memory Screen is such a special skate video that it sits somewhere high in the sky above the normal echelons of skateboard cinematography. The video announced a team with roots in Ohio and spread across the United States far from the influence of California. This is a very significant stance that would have permanent reprecussions throughout the industry and community.

One of the original team members was Scott Conklin. Scott lived in Florida and straight away you could tell he was cut from a different cloth. First impressions and later hearsay would identify Scott as a fighter. Somebody with a tough spirit and a desire to do things his way. His part in memory Screen let the viewer experience the gnarliness first hand with Scott destroying handrails and masterfully manhandling somebody who dared pick a fight with him.

Such raw talent and energy is difficult to bottle so unfortunately very little skate footage of Scott actually exists. This video part is probably the best and only representation worth noting and celebrating.

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