Video Part #034

Nate Jones – Real Real to Reel (2001)

Nate Jones – Real Real to Reel (2001)

If unicorns existed, Nate Jones probably rode one to the spot.

The speed at which Nate Jones dismounts and rides out of his frontside tailslide at 3rd and Army in a line is the exclamation point for every street gap and prolonged slide or grind he does in his Real To Reel part.

Nate is a tall man who makes other men feel a certain kind of way as he swerves around corners, floats over obstacles and lands with confidence. His long blond hair whips around with the wind of high velocity tricks. His I-Path Caterpillars were the gateway drug to a generation of mainstream skate shoe designs.

Nate is an aesthetic muse that can deliver a varial flip like an unbroken promise of unrequited love between enamoured youth.

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