Video Part #032

Javier Sarmiento – Enrique Mayor Jarana (2020)

Javier Sarmiento – Enrique Mayor Jarana (2020)

The Spanish Gino.

Jarana is one of those throw away full parts – part of what? – thast got released on a website and bumped into oblivion after another video got posted. Thankfully Free Skate Mag operate with quality control so whatever they are feeding to the masses is usually good for the body and mind. Javier Sarmiento is the medicine that soothes all your pains.

There are two facts that need to be highlighted upon viewing this video part. Firstly, Javier Sarmiento is still skating and innovating at an extremely high level after more than 20 years producing tricks for the video camera. Is it the diet? The Sun? The casual attire? Something has blessed Javier with the elixir of longevity to his skating.

Secondly, Jarana is a study of the switch frontside flip. Javier is so comfortable flicking and catching this opposite footed rotation that he can float one over a standard size bench, out of a bump and over a gap into a crooked grind. The aisance that Javier has with this particular trick is evidence that the Spaniard knows something about skateboard dynamics that very few are aware of.

The most jaded critics might pounce on his long backside 5-0 heelflip out as an ABD by friend and team mate Dani Lebron. But then Javier dismounts with an exclusive frontside heelflip. In a velour hoodie matched to his shoes. Hmmm…

I could have dug deep for Javier’s footage in an old Powell video or his 411VM profile to wax lyrical with rose tinted glasses about his flawless delivery several decades ago. Fortunately there are plenty of instagram accounts that do that already but more importantly Javier is still very able to ride his board every which way. With pop. And style.

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