Video Part #030

Jeremie Daclin – Cliche Bon Appetit (2004)

Jeremie Daclin – Cliche Bon Appetit (2004)

Rest in peace Neptune!

I’ve known Jeremie Daclin for many years and he is probably one of the most motivated skaters I know. He has worked within skateboarding at every level for his entire professional life and when he isn’t working he’s still skating. And when the weather won’t let him skate, he’s looking for skate spots.

Even if he was the Founder and boss over at Cliché Skateboards, he was humble and ready to put in the work to get a full part filmed for their sophomore video Bon Appetit released in 2004. Filmed and edited almost entirely by long time friend Fred Mortagne, Gégé’s part is personal.

For starters, Fred had the clever idea to film from a dog’s perspective searching for its master. That dog was in fact Neptune, Jeremie’s canine companion of many years. SadlyNeptune passed away shortly after the release of Bon Appetit so this introduction is a beautiful clin d’oeil.

Then there’s the music, unfortunately muted on YouTube but available on Vimeo below, Un Autre Monde by Telephone. This is probably one of the most famous indie rock songs in French culture and it’s lyrics that sing about dreams of another world fit pretty well with the world Jeremie carved out for himself.

Finally there’s the skating. Filmed predominantly on home turf, Jeremie checks off some NBDs at spots that have always been there but never been stepped to. The gap to bluntslide on the Hotel De Ville pyramid and the gap to layback slide at Foch stand out. There’s also a guest trick from Mark Gonzales who is a close friend of Jeremie’s.

To misquote Vincent Bressol in the Bon Appetit credits, “C’est merveilleux!”

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