Video Part #023

Tjark Thieker – Cleptomanicx Rollen Aaller 3 (2011)

Tjark Thieker – Cleptomanicx Rollen Aaller 3 (2011)

If Marvel Super Hero Thor skated on a Sunday afternoon after a busy weekend kicking ass he’d probably break out the melodica at the boat yard too.

This part came out of left field for me via Kingpin Mag. I had never heard of Tjark Thieker and haven’t since. I knew Cleptomanicx was a Dutch crew of rippers but that’s about it.

The sailing vibe was high with the Clepto crew and Tjark was all aboard skating some docked barges before heading back to dry land, navigating his local streets and the mandatory Barcelona spots for this skate part.

The music is enchanting. A jazzy melodica whines and vibrates like a slow massage. Just the sort of thing you need on a Sunday afternoon.

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