Video Part #020

Ronnie Creager – Es Menikmati (2000)

Ronnie Creager – Es Menikmati (2000)

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who’s the smoothest of them all?

The fact that Ronnie Creager feels obliged to excuse himself for not filming a part worthy of the Es magnum opus Menikmati is ludicrous. Ronnie is a technical deity who does not need to excuse himself for anything. Not even the peaked beanie.

Of course, Ronnie’s video part in Menikmati is the shortest at barely 2 minutes long. It also lacks entirely in gaps, handrails and other burly terrain. But sometimes less is more, is it not?

Twenty years before Mark Such released Verso, a mathematicians wet dream of palindrome skateboarding, Ronnie offered his meagre Es part. The mirrored line in the roller rink with no push and barely a shuffle is forever etched into the memory banks of the skateboard collective.

It wasn’t just this mirrored line that changed everything. It was the opening line that revealed both sides of the coin. Nollie 360 flip Vs Switch 360 flip. Frontside blunt slide vs Switch frontside blunt slide. Oh! Ronnie’s frontside blunt slides!

Invisible magnetic fields had Ronnie sliding effortlessly across lengths of wax coated concrete and granite. His posture at ease with only the mount and dismount to finagle like a sleight of hand.

Ronnie changed the low-impact tech game with 2 minutes of pristine prowess on board.

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