Video Part #019

Kevin Taylor – Mark Brandstetter Plain And Simple (2006)

Kevin Taylor – Mark Brandstetter Plain And Simple (2006)

If Philly could award a Best Supporting Role to a skater it would be Kevin Taylor.

Watch the original part here.

I’ve never met KT Tha God but he seems to be a pretty chill dude that would be cool to hang out with. At least that’s the common consensus when renown East Coast – predominantly Philadelphia – skaters mention him.

I’d feel safe searching for spots in some of the sketchiest neighbourhoods.

I’d become embalmed in swagger with my hat turned back and slightly at an angle, colour coordinating my outfit from top to bottom.

I’d also master those floaty 360 flips that spin and rotate at half speed to make sure the camera captures every fluid motion.

Then I would lurk in the background collecting my respect and my props from my peers without having to sell my soul for a quick buck.

Kevin Taylor is an OG that has stayed true to himself and his skating. Thankfully Mark Brandstetter was able to capture the magic for his independent video Plain And Simple.

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