Video Part #018

Justin Brock – Post 22 Carolina Love (2006)

Justin Brock – Post 22 Carolina Love (2006)

This country boy got spunk.

Spunk is probably one of the worst words you could use to describe someone but somehow it just works for Justin Brock, who in the early 2000’s was an eager amateur from North Cackalacky (Carolina) guzzling Gatorade* and hucking himself left and right in a bid to attract sponsors.

How I cam across Justin’s skating was during the early days of the internet where a local website named uploaded regular content in the form of short monthly edits. The people responsible were James Tucker and Travis Knapp Prasek and their efforts helped put a lot of their talented friends onto the aware-o-sphere. Faces like Dan Murphy, Brett Abramsky, Scotty Moore and Tyler Tufty to name a few.

Justin was the breakaway though. 5-0ing long handrails and 360 flipping big stair sets were sure-shot methods to enter the big leagues. His last part in Carolina Love guaranteed a spot on Real and the rest is history.

  • FYI Justin almost died from drinking too much Gatorade so let that be a warning to everyone that energy drinks and sodas have no place sponsoring athletes. None what so ever.

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