Video Part #015

Dennis Busenitz – Real Since Day One (2011)

Dennis Busenitz – Real Since Day One (2011)

A couple dozen tricks pass before the main attraction starts with the symbolic lyrics “Road Runner! Road Runner! Going Faster Miles Per Hour!”

What better way to wash our eyes of yesterday’s post (although you have to admit it wasn’t that bad) by focussing our attention on the people’s champ, Dennis Busenitz!

Dennis is a rabid animal that skateparks, spots and security cannot contain. The fervour with which the German-American attacks spots is unparalleled. How he never won Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year trophy is a travesty that shall never be forgotten. However, Dennis has been steadily ripping for years, possibly even claiming title of Mayor of Bay Area, home to the famous skate bible itself. Yet, Dennis does not appear to care for such lauding. He’s too busy grinding, sliding and manualing at high velocity.

I mention the Mayor of the Bay Area title, because even if local rippers like Henry Sanchez and Jabari Pendleton have put in the work at spots like 3rd And Army, Dennis owns those spots hands down. There ain’t nobody ollieing the bench gaps back to back to back to back and then backside nosegrinding the table.

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