Video Part #013

Ron Allen – Independent Trucks On The Spot with Ron Allen (2013)

Ron Allen – Independent Trucks On The Spot with Ron Allen (2013)

This one is strictly for the older gods seeking inspiration.

I’ll always have a soft spot for Ron Allen because my first real skateboard was an H-Street Ron Allen Keys Of Existence boartd released back in 1989 – Anyone looking to sell one to me send an email!

I was watching old Ron Allen parts from Shackle Me Not and A Soldier’s Story when suddenly I remembered this insane part he put out in 2013 to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Ron’s still got it at over 50 years of age, popping ollies and airwalks. His trick bag is deep as he throws down a few late shove it and late flip variations in the mix too before finishing with a classic retro combination of boardslide manual shove it in honour of his efforts for old sponsor H Street.

This part is a real pleasure to watch and testimony that with the right attitude and regular exercise, anyone can still skate at a good level way past middle age.

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