Video Part #012

Adrian Williams – Think Business As Usual (2012)

Adrian Williams – Think Business As Usual (2012)

When Ghostface opens your part saying “Your technique is ill, son!”, you’re good to go.

I just don’t understand how skaters like Adrian Williams can slip through the cracks and miss the praise they are due?? This video part came out in 2012 for Think’s Business As Usual, a straight to internet project that got a few streams before being washed away by all the other free and mediocre content on the web (e.g. The Berrics, Ride Channel, Mag Minute…).

It’s a damn shame because Dennis Coles was right about Adrian’s skill. Here are many of the tricks Adrian throws down with relative ease and casual flair.

  • 15 ft backside nosegrind shove it backside nosegrind
  • Switch 360 flip a street gap
  • Switch bigspin flip the SF library gap
  • Frontside nollie switch nose manual fakie 360 flip
  • Fakie varial flip backside tailslide to fakie
  • Switch varial flip bump to barrier
  • Frontside lipslide revert to backside lipslide frontside shove it out
  • Backside lipslide to fakie 5-0 Kink 3-up-3-down
  • Backside lipslide backside flip to fakie Kink 3-up-3-down

Seriously! Adrian killed San Francisco spots in this part and is deserved of the Wu Tang soundtrack. I’m stuck here losing sleep like the RZA wondering why Adrian Williams isn’t still pro for something like Primitive??

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